Bloggers Wanted

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Bloggers Wanted

Postby HB Admin » Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:02 am

Something I envisioned when I started HB nearly three years ago was a home for Christian bloggers. I still want to do this. I realize that most of you who are HB members already have blogs; this post isn't really for you unless you're looking to move yours or to start a new one (which is totally cool with me!).

If, however, you haven't tried this blogging thing and want to try it, it's very easy to get started, and I would be happy to set you up with a free blog. Your blog would have a URL (such as and you'd have an optional email address like Your free blog would run the Wordpress software, which is whats used at Also, HB members Champuru, GypsyLika, and kaholo4him all run the same blogging software, to give you an idea of how flexible and popular the software is.

You can use your free blog to detail your daily thoughts or perhaps as a daily prayer and devotional log. You could also get a group of friends together and do a collaborative blog. I really believe in the benefits of this kind of public journaling, and encourage you to consider signing up for your own free space at You don't have to live in Hawaii, but there are some reasonable restrictions you'd have to agree to about content. You know, no porn or...that kind of thing.

If you are interested, please post a reply below, or send an email to me at scrivener at hawaiibeliever dot com.
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