We're Back!

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We're Back!

Postby HB Admin » Wed Dec 19, 2007 9:11 pm

HawaiiBeliever.com lives! Thank you so much to those of you who emailed (some of you did so repeatedly!) and asked when we'd return. As most of you know, I've been working on my M.Ed. for the past two and a half years, and it's been sucking the life out of me, not to mention the hours out of my days. But I've kept an eye on the development of phpBB 3.0.0, the software we're now using, and was waiting for a stable release.

The stable release was launched December 13, so here we are. There are all kinds of advantages to this new software, the new and improved child of the software we used to run, but I'll save that for the soon-to-be created "tech talk" forum at HawaiiBeliever.com. The biggest improvements, at least from a how-does-it-help-HB.com perspective, is much easier control over spam. I confess that the constant war on spam is one of the things that made it impossible for me to keep HB up and running. I'm pleased with the new changes, though, and I think it won't be difficult to keep a handle on things. I've been running the 3.0.0 release candidates (seven of them since summer!) on a closed phpBB I run for my students, so I'm fairly adept with most of it. :)

The current look and feel of the board is very likely temporary. Since this release is brand-spanking new, there are not a lot of available themes (I believe not a single one has yet been approved for distribution; this theme, like the others out there specifically designed for phpBB 3.0.x, is still in development and testing). But I think it will do for now. Yes, I'm very unhappy with the header, but what we've got there now took me two hours to piece together, and I'm leaving it until I'm done with my *&^&^&^% paper!

All you need to know right now is that we're back, and if you're still interested in hanging out and talking story, so am I. Let's rock!
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