The Beginning Of The End

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The Beginning Of The End

Postby rapturos » Sun Dec 10, 2006 12:14 am

Okay, maybe it's only the beginning of the beginning of the end (like who wants to wait, really) but the article quoted below says its about time we pal up with Syria and Iran 'cause they could maybe help us achieve world peace or something. Hey, I thought they were the "Axis of Evil" or thereabouts like just yesterday. It's like I woke up from a nap while making the turn and the second person in my twosome had turned into King Kong (and nobody bothered to tell me there'd been a slight change).

"A Return To September 10th Thinking" (from the CBS News website) ... 1959.shtml

An excerpt is included below:

"The Iraq Study Group's call for negotiations with Iran and Syria as "a way forward" has been widely derided. It is, abjectly, a return to September 10th thinking — to the days when terror masters like Yasser Arafat were feted as statesmen at White House galas, when terror organizations like al Qaeda operated with impunity from well-known safe havens, and when our government's idea of countering atrocities was the filing of indictments against a handful of savages. "

"Still, negotiating, appeasing, and looking the other way is exactly what we have been doing. And long before the ISG ever got involved. "
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