Mega-Churches: Good and Bad?

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Re: Mega-Churches: Good and Bad?

Postby melody » Wed Jan 09, 2008 9:18 pm

i really don't think there's a "right" answer for this. for me, i think
church is what you make of it. in my earlier forays, i've gone to first assembly,
word of life, new hope volcano, kapolei, pearl city and windward. it wasn't until NH Windward
that i started serving im ministry. this i love. i think people don't really "get church" unless they
serve in a frontline ministry.

lets see, things that still make me uncomfortable to this day!, praying out loud and
raising hands during worship, not that its a requirment, but all too often i am surrounded by
people doing this. i prefer my worship to be in quiet, in reflection and my prayers to be said in silence.

there are things that still draw me to the catholic church. i find that when troubles are heavy and weighing me down, it is when i seek the comforts of a cathedral and the ritual of lighting a candle, and kneeling in prayer brings peace.
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