Does Being a Good Steward of Our Resources Mean Being Green?

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Your thoughts on global warming and church involvement

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Does Being a Good Steward of Our Resources Mean Being Green?

Postby Mark From Hawaii » Wed Dec 26, 2007 10:29 pm

Apparently the answer is a resounding "Yes" among some church leaders:

New York Times Article

More Links in Christianity Today

I used to scoff at the folks concerned about global warming and regarded them as something akin to tree-hugging Chicken Littles. After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" and seeing some other recent evidence in the media lately, I have to admit that it is clear that the age of fossil fuel-based energy production/consumption will need to be curtailed in one way or another. And I'm no fan of Al Gore either. Obviously, we are seeing the direct impact to our pocketbooks due to the high cost of oil.

From an engineering standpoint, the installed cost of a photovoltaic (solar) system to self-generate electricity does not make economic sense as the simple payback based on today's electric rates do not justify the cost. It's surprising that a lot of local businesses as well as mainland-based businesses operating in the Islands are installing PV systems because (1) the projected rising electric rates will soon make the PV system attractive at that "cross-over" point; and (2) it's the right thing to do.

So far I don't see local churches jumping on the bandwagon, but I just visited the Benedictine Monastery today, where a sizeable PV system was recently installed.

So how do you feel about this issue?
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