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I've got A Story

Postby 1stwahine » Sun Sep 25, 2005 4:50 pm

Last night, I visited a Blog of a friend. She hasn't written for awhile. I saw through her words the pain. Reaching out for help. Where she can get information for dealing with her two young children. She said she couldn't borrow books at the library due to fines owed, etc. I wrote the following back to her as if it wasn't me...it was typed so fast and that is not me:

First and foremost, do you have a church to go to? I don’t and I am looking for one myself. I belong to a new Forum that just launched this past week hawaiibeliver.com We only have a few members now but soon the members will be growing and the fellowship will be large.

As for books in how you can raise and do all the things you described…The Bible is the best! Hands down! Yes, modern books explains and gives us perspective for this day and age…but if you read the Bible, the Lord will talk to you personally and teach you.

My freind, keep strong and believe. He listens. He knows.

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