After the Holidays - Luke 10:38-42

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After the Holidays - Luke 10:38-42

Postby Mark From Hawaii » Thu Jan 11, 2007 10:55 pm

Wow, I had a triple dose of this bit of Scripture this past week. We read and studied it in Sunday School. Then right after, Pastor used it in his sermon. And then there it was again in our Life Group on Tuesday night! :lol: You know this story right? It's about Martha and her sister Mary. Martha's in the kitchen making all kine pupus and Mary sits at the Lord's feet listening attentively to Him. Martha gets all huhu and comes out and basically says "Eh girlfriend, how come you no help me?!? Lord Jesus, won't you please tell dis lazy girl to come help?" (OK I'm getting carried away with the local slant on this) Jesus tells Martha that Mary has made the right choice and that cannot be taken away from her.

So... Our discussion in Sunday School and Life Group took a very interesting turn. Seems like there was some confusion because of our local culture - many thought it was OK for Martha to bust her you-know-what because that was her way of showing respect. This got around to discussing spiritual gifts - that some are good at discerning the Lord's voice (Mary) while others are good at service (Martha). Pastor's sermon took the more traditional approach to analyzing the passage - that Mary made the better choice of just taking time out to listen to Jesus and that Martha missed out in communion with the Lord because of her "busy-ness" - plus she was getting all huhu, remember? So even after 3 doses of this passage. I'm still torn because I can see the point of this parable. But I can't help but defend poor Martha becasue we know so many good intentioned people (our Mom or favorite Aunty maybe?) who are just like her. Especially around the holidays. *Sigh* as why hard, eh! :wink:

Discuss please.
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