"and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

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"and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

Postby rapturos » Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:09 am

We posted this a while back on Donna S' "Got God?" blog on blogger.com but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it here also...

"This happened a while back, several years in fact, but it just came to mind because I told Donna S I would post it here some time. We were on the waterfront at Lahaina on the island of Maui trying to share and pass out tracts and I sat down on a piling a few yards from the railing near the dock's edge where all the tourists were waiting to get onto their boat tours and glass bottomed boat rides when a thin sinewy oriental man approached me seemingly out of nowhere and asked me what it was that I had that I was passing out. So I showed him the Billy Graham tract and gave it to him. He looked at it a moment and the title of "Steps to Peace with God" and he looked up at me with a face slightly hardened and yet sad and regretful. He told me that he had been a captain in the Vietnamese army and that when you are a soldier you have to do many hard things, things you regret doing. He told me he had killed men, in fact many men and regretted that he had had to do it. He gave the tract back to me and walked back to his van that was parked a few feet away. I asked if he worked nearby and he told me he was one of the many van drivers who pick up and drop off the tourists who come to the dock from the hotels and that he had to make a run now. I asked him if he would be coming back this way and he said he would in a while. I told him if I could see him again I had something for him. About twenty minutes later I was happy and surprised to see him once again parked in his waiting area looking for his next group of riders. I had gone back to our car and got a testimony video we often hand out when the occasion allows. I approached the door of his van and said "Captain Tran, something for you" and gave him the video. He looked at me and the video in his hand, and huge smile broke out on his face. He said, "yes, I will watch this, thank you so much" and in a moment he was gone. It's interesting because that video is the testimony of a friend of ours who once was an enforcer and leader in the New York mafia and how he ran into Jesus and now he travels around the world telling others what he knows they have to hear. That no one, no one, is beyond redemption if you have the right God looking out for you. I know in my heart that Captain Tran felt condemned and abandoned by a holy God who cannot even look upon sin when he first approached me and looked at the tract. But God always has a way. He "makes a way where there seems to be no way". I believe seeing the title of the video and the smiling face of a former mafia chieftain on the cover and that we were still willing to reach out to him even after finding out that he had killed people somehow spoke the grace of God to him. I admit that I weep when I recount this story because of the deep look of rejection and condemnation I first saw on Captain Tran's face. But to see the look of joy when he gathered God's little gift package to himself makes it all worthwhile. Now, I don't know if Captain Tran ever got saved, I never saw him again. But just the tantalizing prospect that somewhere, somehow one more formerly hurting, dejected soul is now rejoicing in his newfound reworked recreated world where forgiveness has finally been found, well, that's what keeps us coming back for more. Hallelujah! God is good, all the time."
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