"The righteous are as bold as a lion"

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"The righteous are as bold as a lion"

Postby rapturos » Thu Nov 10, 2005 2:45 am

We got this one a few years back when we were visiting Pastor Waxer Tipton when he had his church up in the hills of Molokai (he's since moved to Honolulu and ministers the "One Love" ministry at Kaimuki High School on Sundays starting 9:30AM). So a man comes up to Pastor Waxer's house and he's carrying a gun. He puts the gun to his head and tells Waxer, give me one good reason not to blow my brains out right on your doorstep. so Pastor Waxer says one word, "Jesus!" The man puts the gun down and says, so tell me about this Jesus. Well, today he's a christian and as I recall even became a deacon in the church. Hallelujah!
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