"and things which are not"

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"and things which are not"

Postby rapturos » Fri Nov 11, 2005 10:36 am

A friend of mine told us this one while we were visiting Calvary Chapel Kailua Kona on the Big Island a while back:

My friend was speaking to the church's pastor, Isi Manzo and Isi said that when he was really young in the lord he saw a man with a shrunken leg come up to be prayed for. About ten or twelve believers surrounded the man and layed hands on him and began praying fervently for a healing. Isi really wanted to see what was going on but the prayer group was so tightly packed he couldn't see if anything was actually happening. So he got down on the ground and poked his head almost in between their legs to see. Isi says he could hardly believe it but right before his eyes he saw the man's leg go from being so shrunken that there was virtually no flesh left on the bone to where the leg was completely restored. Wow! and some modern theologians claim that miracles ceased after the New Testament era. All I can say is that I know Pastor Isi and he is a very serious and sober-minded christian and not given to frivolity or exaggeration so I have to believe this is a true story. But if you get up there for a visit some time, you can ask him yourself. Maybe just don't tell him I sent you :)
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