You never know

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You never know

Postby rapturos » Sat Nov 12, 2005 2:24 am

This happened a while back when we were on Maui evangelizing:

My buddy Martin C. and I had linked up with his friend Linda S. who had lived on Maui for several years by then and she agreed to lead us to some likely spots where we could pass out tracts and maybe share a little if the door opened for that. So Linda drives us up to this little artists' complex (I think it was somewhere towards the road to Hana). So we poked our heads into a couple of the shops and the artists working inside looked a bit preoccupied so we just drifted around the area and after a while I lost track of where the other two had got to. I spied a little general store just up the hill so I walked over to give the occupants some tracts. But as I was walking back down the hill I heard someone yelling. I looked over towards the artists' complex and coming towards me through the parking lot was a man waving something and yelling "hey, you!". So I looked around thinking that he must be referring to someone behind me, but no, I was the only one there. So I started to walk towards him and I realized he was, in fact, yelling at me. So when we got face to face which each other I could see that he looked like a pretty hard living man and that what he was waving was one of the tracts we had been passing out. I could tell by now that he was pretty upset. So he asks me "are you the one who's passing these things out?" and I said, yes, that we were here to share the gospel. So he says "my buddy over there says that you know I'm going to hell, is that true?" I told him "it's possible, you could go to hell, it's a choice you make". So he says "but do you know for a fact that I'm going to hell?" I was really torn in my heart at that point. On the one hand I did want to share with him what a lifestyle of sin would inevitably lead to but another part of me knew that that wasn't what he was asking. So I said "no, I don't know that, only God knows that". And right there his whole face changed. It's like he hadn't expected that at all after hearing what I was pretty sure his buddy had been telling him. So he said "alright, then" or something like that and stuck the tract in his pocket and walked back to his shop. So to this day that incident reminds me about how when we go down to Hotel Street or Aala Park and we see all the druggies and pushers doing their thing, how the tendency is to think that we know how they're all going to end up. But what a precious reminder of what we're supposed to be doing there. Because truly, as long as there's a God in heaven who saves, you just don't know.
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