Another Story!

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Another Story!

Postby 1stwahine » Sat Dec 24, 2005 11:47 am

Well, It's Christmas Eve! I got another story to share.

...I planned a Christmas Party at my Hale (home) and invited family and friends galore. heheheh Menu was made. I got sick. No problem. Ahhh...there was a problem. No moa money for party. :?

I neva worry once again. I have FAITH. I have kids. My daughter calls me this morning. I tell her I need money for my Party. "Ok, mom. Merry Christmas!" My son is picking me up to go to the Commissary. He and my son-inlaw will be putting up the tent this afternoon. The chairs and tables will be put up tomarrow.

...God is awesome! :D

Tomarrow alot of people going be happy.

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