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Saving for Retirement

Postby scrivener » Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:14 am

I have always been a strong believer in God's providence. I know he's going to take care of me, whatever that means, so I don't stress out too much about the future.

So one thing I find interesting is the American concept of retirement. Work today, save for tomorrow. It's a good concept, but how do you draw the line between enjoying what God has provided and staying prepared for whatever might happen later?

There are biblical cases to be made either way; Joseph saved his family because he advised the king to save food during the years of plenty. On the other hand, Moses' followers were expected to trust God for their daily bread and never to think about whether or not there would be provisions for the next day.

I do have a retirement account, and I put as much into it as I can reasonably afford, but I wonder all the time whether this is an act of good stewardship or an act of little faith.

And you know, I really don't like the insurance industry. Why isn't it possible for there to be a non-profit insurance agency, who strives only to break even, and thus to provide as much protection and coverage to its clients as it can? It would be a sort of credit union, only with insurance as the goal instead of savings.

What do you think? Are you saving for retirement? Do you have long-term-care insurance? How are we supposed to know when to enjoy God's blessings today and how much of the blessings we need to store up for seven years of famine?
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Postby Foxen » Thu Oct 06, 2005 2:05 am

Hmm, I think it's just general wisdom to save up money for a rainy day...just in case. I think for the most part, in the old testament, MOST of the time, people practiced very prudent survival techniques. Moses and the Exodus was a specific example where God was weaning out the unfaithful yet he was very faithful in even the day to day affairs of the Jews. The only other example I can think of which goes against smart practice that affected all the Jews was tithing...where they gave the best ten percent (used for propagation) to God (and his priests).

For a shortwhile I was involved in a small group led by a some extremely rich Christian couple...the husband led a session on stewardship, and was trying his best to teach us good and smart financial managment...I don't think half of us got it. His whole point was that the funds we have, we should at the least, steward that know some of the basic basics of financial management. We were still clueless after the session, except that we somehow knew that we should educate ourselves on how not to lose money.

Anyhow, the couple is now in...I believe India, doing mission work with an organization training church planters in the region. Heh. They surely are enjoying their retirement.

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