My eHarmony Adventures

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My eHarmony Adventures

Postby scrivener » Fri Aug 01, 2008 3:41 pm

Um. I filled out the questionnaire on Not sure why, I guess, except that my friend did it, and he actually had favorable results. His matchups didn't work out for him, but I'll bet that if he'd stuck with it, they would have.

I filled out the survey live (sort of) on my podcast and then pretty much left it at that because I didn't have the time or money for the actual service. But recently, I turned on notifications, meaning I requested that send me emails whenever the system found matches for me. Until I pay for the service, however, I cannot take it to the next step, which is communicating with the matches through the website.

Some of the people I got matched up with are from Oahu, which is encouraging. Some are teachers, which is also encouraging. The emails I get tell me the first names of the people I supposedly match, plus their heights (!) and occupations. Is height that much of a big deal for most people?

One of my matches is someone I actually sort-of know! The first name is very unusual, and the description of her occupation makes me certain it's the person I'm thinking of. That's kind of funny.

No, I don't think we'd ever work as a couple, but she is definitely someone I could have been good friends with in a different time and place. That's encouraging, right?

So I'm thinking of just giving the service a try. What do you think?
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