Christmas Eve and Single

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Christmas Eve and Single

Postby scrivener » Sat Dec 24, 2005 8:54 pm

"Christmas is like Disneyland: It's only really good for kids, parents, and lovers."

I'm none of these, and I think I have to agree.

I mean, I love Christmas and am right this moment wearing my Santa hat (it's a really nice one), but here it is, almost nine in the evening on Christmas Eve, and I don't really have anywhere to be. Yes, it's mostly by choice, because the person I want to be with is with someone else, but the fact remains that like most believers, one lone day out of the year to commemorate the birth of Christ is not that big a deal, since we do it all the time in worship and fellowship and service. If that's not such a big deal, that leaves our relationships with friends, family, and lovers.

I can't wait to have kids some day, because I'm sure it won't be until I can see it through my own children's eyes that Christmas will be what we all imagine it is supposed to be.
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Postby Champuru » Sun Jan 01, 2006 10:22 am

I am reminded of a comment made by a friend of mine while we were chatting on the IM on Christmas day.

I asked her how her Christmas was going so far and she responded:

"It's okay. It's just like any other day, though."

Basically, as the conversation went on, I gathered that she felt that Christmas loses more and more of its magic as the years pass. Honestly, I had been so busy this year and had so many other things on my mind, that I hadn't allowed myself to enjoy the Christmas season either.

I'm sure there are many things, like Christmas, that seem so magical and special when seen through the eyes of a child. Perhaps that is why that even Jesus calls us to have the faith as a child (Matt 18:2-4) so that we may see Him without the hindrances of our "grown up" hangups and pride.

I must remind myself of this constantly as I'm prone to the entanglements of this thing called life.
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Postby Foxen » Fri Jan 20, 2006 1:00 am

If you have nothing to do on Christmas Eve, let me know...we usually need a ton of help doing something in the Christmas spirit resulting in a bit of self-reflection, a bit of feel good, quite a bit more awareness, and lots of comradery...hehe. Santa's in need of more elves if anyone is interested...for Christmas Eve 2006.
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