How Does the World See Us?

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How Does the World See Us?

Postby scrivener » Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:53 pm

A good friend of mine wrote in his blog:

Because I'm tired of christians who think that because they jumped through some evangelical hoops that they are somehow better and above those who didn't jump through those same hoops. I'm tired of christians who think that the hoops are the point and that once they're through that their only remaining task is to wait for death or the second coming.

I left a comment that basically called BS. I'm sooooo used to hearing this kind of thing from supposedly disillusioned believers that I don't even listen anymore. These are the ones whose testimonies include something like, "I asked the Sunday-school teacher some difficult questions, and people in the church asked me not to come back," or "...and nobody could answer my questions so I never went back again!"

It's one thing to be seen a certain way by the non-believers, but do we see ourselves this way? I called BS because it seems to me that even when I fervently disagree with the way the body does things, one thing I've never been able to say is that Christians look down upon the unsaved.

Honestly, who thinks he or she is better because he or she has been saved and others have not? I know some teenagers who might think this, but they are young and stupid and can be excused. Do we see ourselves this way? Is the body really made up of people who look down upon the unsaved?
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