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Weird Minister

Postby scrivener » Tue Oct 03, 2006 10:04 pm

I went to a wedding this weekend where two ministers officiated. One was the pastor of my church; the other was the pastor of the church where the ceremony was held. Where one was humble, gentle, sorta soft-spoken, and comforting, the other was full of drama and gestures and highs and lows.

Of course I don't know the woman and if I did, I'd probably love her, but sitting there in that pew watching friends get married, all I could think was, "I think I hate this woman."

Later, a friend said, "Doesn't she remind you of the minister in The Princess Bride?"

"Mawwwwige! Mawwwwige is wot bwwwwings us togethah!"

I was so glad he didn't say that during the ceremony. I would have lost it.
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Postby Mark From Hawaii » Wed Oct 11, 2006 10:25 pm

Reading this, I nearly lost it! :lol: But seriously as Christians, shouldn't we lift each other up? Hate is such a strong word. The wife of one of our church members occaisionally comes to our church for Sunday School. She's really got the evangelist in her. Her husband even says, "Yeah she grew up in California so that's the way she is." She rubs some people the wrong way but that's the way God has wired her. At first I couldn't stand her but then I noticed that deep down she means well and has a good heart, a heart of worship.
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