Harriet Mier's Qualifications/Dobson's Announcement

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Harriet Mier's Qualifications/Dobson's Announcement

Postby Foxen » Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:03 am

Alright, renaming and editing this thread because the news came out...also, this is very similar to the other thread in sorts.

Any thoughts about Harriet Miers and her nomination to the US Supreme Court? The main qualifications for her nomination, or so it seems, is that she is a conservative Christian who will rule in favor of how the conservative Christians would want her to rule.

Is being a conservative Christian "enough" for you, or for anyone to feel comfortable as the primary qualification for someone to be nominated for the US Supreme Court?

That being said, Miers is an accomplished female attorney. Although she never sat on the bench, nor published any law review articles or other legal jurisprudence, she does have many years experience as a lawyer and was the first woman president of the Texas State Bar. However, the "whispers" and "code words" used to facilitate her nomination is her faith and church affiliation.

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